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Database Management

Monkfish Virtual Secretarial Services don’t just type our services also include other secretarial duties; sorry this does not include making the coffee unless of course you want a virtual one.  Our online secretaries primarily work in Microsoft software and are skill in most of their office products.  

Services we offer are;

  • Database Management – either setting up new databases or managing existing databases you wish to expand on.  The formats we currently use are Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access, if you have any other format please let us know your requirements.
  • Data Entry - Data is normally typed into Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access and is charged on a per line basis. The charge per line is dependent upon the number of fields/cells to be typed into per line.  (Postcodes, email addresses, telephone no and website addresses can be check if requires, this will incur additional costs.)
  • Website Data Entry – Our secretaries have experience in ecommerce data entry using csv files to manage stock, renaming images etc.
  • Email Databases – This is really covered by the database management but we do have our own email marketing system which allows you to send newsletters etc and will automatically cleanse your mail list.  These are usually set up FOC and you can send your emails either on a PAYG basis or a monthly subscription.
  • Mail Shots - We offer a mail-out services (large or small) using mail merge and/or pre-typed address labels on your behalf.
  • Administration Services - We can prepare PowerPoint presentations, newsletters, pdf’s etc present your statistical information in the form of graphs, bar charts or pie charts.

Can’t find what you are looking for call 0800 161 3879 or email us your requirements.

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